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    Thought you all would like to know what it costs to advertise on Direct Leads based on their media kit:

    CPC - Minimum order $5,000.
    Run of Network cost to advertiser $.25
    Category specific $.40

    CPA - Minimum order $5,000.
    15% sign up rate or you revert to CPC
    rates. So if your conversion rate is less than 15%, you pay $.25 CPC.

    Now check out what Direct Leads pays YOU, especially per click. 4 cents for My Ink to you - $.21 cents to them. So they get $5,000 no matter what for every 20,000 unique clicks and they have to pay the you out of that, so if they pay you $1 per lead and the conversion rate is 10%, you get $1,000 and they get $4,000.

    It's interesting that the lower a lead deal converts the more money DL makes out of the $5k minimum charge.

    And the merchants pay as witnessed by their
    list of advertisers.

    Seems like it's not a fair deal for either affiliates or for the merchants. But the affiliates get way more of the shaft and they do way more of the work. There is no way on the planet that a merchant can make a profit paying $.25 per click thru.

    Though you would like to know. And Jason is one of the more honest people in the ad network game.

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    You have a point to make Dave?

    Seems everyone owed money in our consumer Direct program got a check in October.

    Guess we do pay. We just don't pay you.

    But then we never have owed you any money because according to you and us, you have never been apart of our program.

    Maybe you should waste your time doing something else. And btw, I sent an email to our legal beagle to take legal action against you for slander and libel...being as how you are not in any of our programs, nor owed money by us, your complaints are considered slander, defamation of character etc.

    Hope you have fun when the legal beagle puts you in play.

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    Funny how those who hide under rocks have 2 sets of eyes. One belongs to their so called legal team sending out their letter head form notices. Alternate affiliate networks have a real uphill battle when the majors are not brought into line as to trust and sales reporting issues. They cannot attract quality merchants and for thta matter even quality affiliates regardless of efforts since they haven't the sales staff or volume to demand attention.

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    You haven't a legal leg to stand on and if your lawyer is telling you anything else slander is the least of your worries.

    You should not promise payment to people if you cannot cover that payment yourself. It is no good pointing at someone *else*. If the agreement was with you then it is you that has to fulfill it. Regardless of whether or not you were ripped off by your merchants.

    If your lawyer tells you anything else, fire them.

    You also shouldn't continue to trade when you know you can't cover your liabilities. Now either quit threatening Dave and grow up, or sue me too.


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    Totally Rubbish,
    Its the most foolish incident i have seen....
    legal suit my foot...
    That is totally crap.
    Haha suit over a message board haha

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