Hello guys and gals,

Well, I've been thinking again. Hopefully if I say this out loud it will make some sense.

One of my sites (Amazon Assoc.) is making sales from US only although I get visitors from all over the world. My links go to Amazon US and when a visitor from say the UK clicks on said link, through a software program is re-directed to that item at Amazon UK. Nice Huh? Too bad the product I'm showing isn't being sold at Amazon UK. The visitor gets a "product not found but you may be interested in this" message.

Do you think I should make a separate page for UK visitors and load it up with the best sellers I know that Amazon UK carries? And do this for every Amazon, I think 10, out there?

Do you think I should get a domain from another country with the exact name as my site and clone it, except for the products of course, and link to from my site so visitors can go to their own country's Amazon?

Or maybe someone has a better idea?

Last 7 days I get 57% US, 16% UK, 9% Australia, 5% Canada, 3% Switzerland visitors.

Thanks, Gus