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    I thought this might be interesting atF***edComp - layoffs etc at HotJobs.

    Frankly I ditched them when they started using Ezula. Then they cut the lead commission from $1 to $0. I think for using Ezula alone they deserve to die a slow, lingering death.

    Incidentally, F***edCompany is worth checking out once in a while if you don't already. You might want to review some of your affiliate links after going there!

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    Oh Boy, Seems like hotjobs should be just kicked (where the sun dont shine) lol

    Cool Boy ...Ruff Ruff Ruff....Ruff Ruff...Cool Doggy nice down

    fu%c^ed lol haha


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    LOVE F***edCompany. I'm waiting for the dot com I used to work for to show up on it. Now, maybe _I_ was the one who gave them the info that there's only 2 employees left but hey, gotta' have fun somehow!

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