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    I haven't come across this before using linkshare product linking.
    Usually it's copyshort for the linking url, then the properties for the pic, but a new merchant I picked up is using jscript, which obviously doesn't work as a linking url.
    I emailed LS and received a reply:
    Yes that will be alright if the merchant allows it, and if you'd like to call the office anyone will be able to help you I don't have a clue what will be alright,it wasn't the question I asked.

    All I wanted to know was; with the merchant using jscript what do I use for the linking url?
    So has anyone come across jscript when generatng products on LS...and please how did you do it!
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    Is this in the too hard basket or just a really dumb question?
    mmmm.... :rolleyes:

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    Usually the Jscript is for ads served from the merchant's server, making it easier for merchant to update the banner as needed to correspond with their promotion.

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