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    Affiliate Nexus Alert: Nevada - TIME CRITICAL
    Posted yesterday by the PMA president Brian Littleton:

    This is an alert to Affiliates and Publishers based in Nevada - there is currently an Affiliate Nexus Tax being considered in the Nevada Senate.

    If you are based in Nevada - this is time critical - please join the PMA Coalition Facebook Group immediately at

    If you have any trouble accessing that information, email Brian Littleton.

    If you are based in Nevada, this is likely an immediate priority for your business, so please don't delay.

    -Brian Littleton
    President, Board of Directors,

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    Shared on FB. For Nevada residents, find a way to go! Sure, you had other things planned for that date/time. We all do. But if you don't go, you may find out that business as you know it changed forever by a new law. Yes, it does make a huge difference for you to be there! Every single person counts in these times.

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    Just got an alert from EEAN that this has passed- as an FYI.

    From their email:

    Dear Valued Advertiser,

    On May 27, 2015, Nevada Governor Sandoval signed legislation (AB 380) (the Sales Tax Nexus Bill) to expand Nevada's sales tax nexus standards. The new law establishes both controlled group nexus standards and click-through nexus for remote sellers. The affiliate nexus standards are effective July 1, 2015, while the click-through nexus rules become effective October 1, 2015.

    This legislation affects publishers/affiliates, because they are referring potential customers to the out-of-state seller (advertiser).
    Julia Kozuck-Hochstein
    Head of Affiliate Marketing-

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