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    hi can help me please have 2 question:
    barnes & noble anyone got good revenue from them?
    and how about their payment

    2.)how about can you explain me about them? and how about payment?


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    how significant DMOZ boost site for google?

    chuck and others DMOZ listed please explain your experience :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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    If you're selling books, I don't know if there is a difference between B&N and Amazon. But you will always be pleasantly surprised by the visitors you send to Amazon, they think it's an on-line shopping mall or something!

    I market mostly their non-books stuff. Conversion for me is usually at least 3%, and my EPC is over $3. Just upped my traffic on the last Google update, and today's stats will help me sleep well tonight...except I always get more ideas when I'm trying to fall asleep.

    I use a script called from for a lot of pages. I can then make keywords linked to amazon search results, or pull results into a nice little box by a SCRIPT tag, or a bunch of other uses.

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    I didn't do squat with B&N. Had their links up all over the place etc...

    Changed to Amazon and it was amazing!! Same books, same pages, no difference at all in what I was doing with B&N.

    I have done very well with Amazon. Not sure what the problem was with B&N but they did NOT convert well at all for me.

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    2 sales in 2 years with 1418 click throughs and lot's of creative changes to try and stire up sales. Dead BF dog but I refuse to jump on Bezos's bandwagon when Amazon stiffed me on some consulting fees and bringing them Toys-r-US and Overstock SKU's. Who wants to promote an easy URL like seen at 2 million web sites??? These all are impulse buys and the 3 Amazon storefronts I set up for clients do squatt in sales after they stopped the cross linking off book keywords.

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