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    Types of Licenses Needed to Operate Business
    I have a sole proprietorship and resellers license to sell tangible products online. Recently, I am making more money selling my skills vs. products. My question is, I want to operate two completely separate businesses. Is it possible to have an "umbrella" business license that would cover separate DBAs in completely different fields? I have no idea where to begin. Do I need to form a corporation or can I maintain a Sole Proprietorship to minimize fees?

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    In the USA, business licenses are a local matter, issued by the city where you do business (at least in most [if not all] states). Each city has its own rules. This is not to be confused with a fictitious business name (a dba) that is issued on the county level (again, at least in most [if not all] states). Corporations are governed and issued by the state and laws again vary as to procedures, technical requirements, tax consequences and most importantly if a corporation is being considered, liability issues.

    If this helps, I've been doing this for almost 15 years, have numerous websites in vastly different niches and have done related work in slightly different areas (such as being ADMIN of this forum), and have operated as one business entity, a sole proprietorship, all along and have no plans to make any changes.

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