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    Question Viral Marketing
    Is it a good way to get more visitors to my website via Viral Content? If yes, what are some of the most easiest and economical ways to create viral content? Does it have to be related to my site's content?

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    1. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

    2. "Does it have to be related to my site's content?" Only if your purpose is to increase sales.

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    Viral Marketing Research is a subset of marketing research that measures and compares the relative Return On Investment of advertising and communication strategies designed to exploit social networks.

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    1) Yes. It's a damn good way
    2) Look at other viral content in your niche to gain some sense of what it was and why it went viral. Then try to create one yourself or hire a freelancer
    3) It's good if the content is related to your niche, but even if it isn't you'll end up getting exposure and backlinks, which will help you in long term.

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