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    How much does it cost to start up?
    How much doe it cost to start up an affiliate website or any website in general? Thanks.

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    Less than $100 can cover the first year, including a domain name and hosting. Just do NOT get the domain and hosting from the same source.
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    At the other extreme, you CAN spend a lot more if you have the resources and want to use them to the best advantage possible. In such a case, you can have a custom built site done by a professional, buy dedicated hosting, and spend any amount you want to for ppc or other advertising options.

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    depends upon your requirements and can go from nothing to anything.

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    Why do you advise not to buy domain and host from the same source?

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    I know this thread is old but I'm going to reply anyway. I purchased (with a deal) an entire year for my website and domain for $43. It's not with the host with the best reputation but I've had a great experience and 0 down time. I actually run 3 Wordpress websites off of it including one that's a WooCommerce eCommerce shop and it still works (although a bit slugishly at times).

    You can get the first year for less than $50 in most places and that includes a domain, if you're paying more than that to start up then it's probably too much. As you grow though you may end up paying more than that.

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    I would say about $100 a month in tools, you can do free traffic but I suggest having at least a few hundred for advertising to speed things up

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