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    Does ClickBank allow you to pick and choose affiliates?
    I have an online subscription service targeted at SEO agencies and planning on launching an affiliate program. The platforms I had initially chosen were:

    1. Paygear
    2. JVZoo
    3. Clickbank

    The reason I chose Paygear and JVZoo were because they do not require any initial setup fee and the fee I pay them is after making a sale (for a startup like mine, this works out better). However, the only problem I had with them was that they effectively have a two-page transaction process - clicking the 'buy' from my website takes the user to a Paygear or JVZoo page and from there to the Paypal page. I am expecting a lot of customers to drop due to this.

    The alternate I thought was Clickbank since they have their own payment gateway and so is a one step transaction setup. Although they have a initial setup fee, the reason I am holding back is because I am not able to confirm if ClickBank lets you to pick and choose affiliates. As far as I can remember, any Clickbank affiliate member can promote any of their product without trouble - this should end up with a huge number of refunds/chargebacks which is something I want to avoid. I would rather pick and choose my affiliates.

    Is there a mid-way to this? Would love to hear from other affiliate managers.

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    Before you can start getting picky about affiliates, you need to know if your program will even work. Do you have any kind of conversion statistics? Do you know that your tracking is solid? That your creative converts? That your website converts? Good affiliates will care about this. Chargebacks for these types of programs are unavoidable, and I've seen them at 40% or higher. If start-up fees are enough to make you reconsider networks, then you may not quite be ready to begin an affiliate program.

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    Hi Jeannine

    Thank you for the response. Yeah, setup fee is not a concern. I am more concerned by the fact that on Clickbank anybody can promote my product which I would like to restrict. I have already partnered with a few Udemy instructors and email newsletter publishers. These are people I have worked with and know are not going to mess up. So I would want to work on an affiliate partnership with just these people. Paygear appears to be a good platform, but the two step payment process is something I am not convinced with since that can likely drop my conversions by quite a bit.

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    JV Zoo allows you to pick and choose. I love the traffic and sales I get to my products there

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