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    which website builder can i use for my affiliate business
    Hi, am a newbie with plans to build a video, audio and text content site.
    Later on i intend to put merchant products link and a little of ads on my site.
    I would like a site builder that is beginner friendly so i can build and manage the site myself,
    though i dont mind if a site building company kick starts it for me.

    Even if i may not get a free open source site builder, i want one that is cheap but very effective for my
    business model and i can increase monthly payment when my biz begins to make returns.

    Thanks for your useful advice> hope to hear from all the experienced folks in the house.

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    Howdy! Consider Wordpress and WooCommerce - you can get set up for a nominal fee, and you'll be good to go from there. The system does everything you're looking for in the form of templates that you can easily modify. If you need more done, you can dig in deeper and customize things.

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    Just launched a merchant on Shareasale that offers a free site and free tools for the first year. You can experiment with it and always transfer over to a paid service at a later time. Email me and I will send more info.

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    if you are a Mac user, the look at RapidWeaver. One-time reasonable fee then you only have to pay for updates that come every couple of years, plus any of hundreds of add-ons or themes, though it comes with dozens of build-in choices. Can build unlimited number of sites with it at no additional charge. Easy to use and it does it all.

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    Wix is very popular nowadays, but I would go for Wordpress. You can create a proper modern website in a week with minimum investments! And Wordpress is very beginner friendly.

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