for a button that says "Find Bargains"?

I am also looking for a programs for buttons that say "Find Free Things", "Trip to the Mall" and "Coupons" (Not unless you pay me, Big Chuck [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img] . I could also use a good converting program for free ezines and one for magazines. Ideas? I know there are a lot of these types of programs but, hey, you folks know the good ones that convert and pay and where to find them better than I do.

I would really like pages that I could slip into a frame and make the pages look like my own but that I don't have to maintain myself if there is such an animal.

How about it Fred, do you have any plain white pages with your ads in 450 pixel tables that people could slip into frames on their own sites that would relate to those catagories and where the site owner could get paid from you? If you set something like that up and maintain it, some sites might really like it. They could work those pages in as more content and service to their visitors and the traffic would be somewhat targeted. Look at MOM to see what I mean. The links on the plain page would no doubt open on a new window.

Who will pay best for traffic from these buttons?

I will be asking for a review of this site in the other topic soon. I know it needs improvement. I have a lot of content and entertaining things that I would like to add. That should draw more viewers but I have to make it pay.