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    I own a PayPerClick engine. I was wondering if you webmasters can tell me what affiliate program you would join? It deals with having a search box on your site. Would you like to get paid per search or a % of a bid on a click-through? I currently have it at $.005 for a search. I need to get a lot of Affiliates, to get tons of searches. What is the way to do it?Affiliate page

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    Well, considering the alternative is a HALF A CENT A SEARCH (in other words, invisible to all affiliates who have any sense), I guess I would take a percentage of the bid amount.

    But not if it ended up being the same tiny figure as the per search.

    Really, you need to loosen up those pursestrings if you want any results! Even the Clickmeisters [those that specialize in driving click traffic to merchants] won't be seeing that figure you mentioned!

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    Scap the search box...

    1. Set up a rotating banner that rotates to various keywords that you have lots of bidders. Have the banner say:

    Click Here To Find (Keyword) Sites.

    2. Use a text link to your front page.

    3. Pay at least 3 cents per click.

    4. Focus all the traffic to main headings until you get lots of traffic. Only allow say three keywords per category to start.
    When you have 10 bidders on each add another keyword. Limit the listings per page to no more than 20.

    Doing it like that where you limit the keywords per major category you can charge a 5 cent minimum.

    You need get as many keywords to 30,000 searches per month as you can. Then it will be worthwhile for bigger sites to buy a listing.

    Hope this helps.

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