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Thread: Happy Father's Day Coupon from AirTurn!

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    Happy Father's Day Coupon from AirTurn!
    Affiliate-Window has just released the following new promotions:

    Happy Father's Day Coupon from AirTurn!

    Happy Father's Day from AirTurn!

    We wanted to thank all the Father's out there by discounting some essential AirTurn tools. Below is a list of the perfect gifts for your musical Dad! Feel free to treat yourself this Father's Day as well. You deserve it!

    Use AIRDAD10 for 10% OFF all goSTAND, MANOS and gostand/MANOS bundle packages. The goStand is compactable and will fit in almost any backpack along side the MANOS Universal Tablet holder. We are offering FREE shipping and the option for Gift Certificates as well.

    Use code AIRDAD20 at checkout and receive 20% OFF these listed items

    Have you seen our BSTOCK gear? Refurbished items that are as good as new and are 100% satisfaction guaranteed to meet all your needs.

    Pickup our limited edition RED DIGIT II. Control your tablets or computers in the palm of your hand.

    The PADLOK iPad Mount will work for iPad generations 2 thru 4. A perfect inexpensive gift to mount your Dad's iPad while practicing, on stage, in the garage or even in the kitchen.
    Happy Father's Day everyone! Features AirTurn

    Summer is upon us. That means plenty of opportunities to busk on the street or book a patio for a solo gig. Whether you're playing all originals, a set of crowd-pleasing covers or a strategic mix of both, you're going to need more than just your instrument. Most outdoor spots aren't prepped for musicians, so self-sufficiency is paramount. Check out's article on all the essentials for creating your own musical oasis here!


    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at any time.
    Have a great week!
    Thank you,
    Dave Tamkin
    Improving Your Vision!

    Here are some popular apps that will help you enlarge notes and articles on your tablet or computer. Using the backlight option will also help you reduce eye strain and fatigue. Use these apps in combination with frequent breaks and correct eyewear for optimal visual ease.



    Music Reader



    Music Notes

    unReal Book

    Music Binder

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