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    Post How to use Whatsapp for marketing?
    Hey Guys! Can anyone tell the best way to use whatsapp for marketing, since all of us use it.

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    whatsapp? All of us use it? Never heard of it! I had to look it up - not interested in adding an extraneous app to my phone.
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    Never heard of it, is that something you promote?

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    Gentlemen of my generation :-)

    Whatsapp is a relatively new app, but it's hugely successful with the younger generation. It was bought by Facebook for $19 billion to augment their messenger app, which is way inferior to whatsapp. Facebook bought it because they couldn't build it themselves, of course.

    I have no idea how to use it for marketing, buy I won't be surprised there will be marketing opportunities using this app. FB wouldn't have coughed up $19 billion unless they thought they could monetize it.

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    Sam, $18 Billion? You're WAAAAAAY off!

    It was, according to what I found, $19 Billion. (I saw another note that said $22 B, but what's a couple billion between friends?)


    Guess this is why:

    "In January 2015, WhatsApp was the most globally popular messaging app with more than 600 million active users. In April 2015, WhatsApp reached 800 million active users."

    Live and learn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Hamrick View Post
    Never heard of it, is that something you promote?
    I don't use it to promote but I was thinking that such a popular app could be used for marketing. I thought i should ask you guys if anyone of you uses it as a medium for marketing.

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    Build an interactive community as such for promoting your things in terms of marketing

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    WhatsApp is mostly used for the communication purpose but as a marketer you can use this app in more exciting way like as we all know it is one of the most important tools for interaction purpose so with the help of whatsapp you can send your product picture to your client or you can also send your product picture by creating client group. You can also organize event with the help of whatsapp. You can also share video on WhatsApp but try to share small video so that people will be able to download.

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    what app basically use to chat with friend and family but you make a group and add more people in the list and send image that thing to use as a marketing and encouraged to buy them

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