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    Avantlink Forum is Back (though no longer sponsored)
    When Avantlink decided to drop their sponsored forum, it was moved to the Closed Forum section and removed from navigation.

    However, issues with the network are always arising, and a place to discuss them will always be needed.

    SO, I am happy to say that, though it is no longer sponsored and though it will likely have no network participation, the Avantlink Forum is back active, and ready for plenty of heated discussions.

    Let the game begin!

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    I think more programs and networks would sponsor forums if the pricing was in line with where participation is now vs where it was 7 years ago... just a thought.
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    superCool is sorry if he was too mean to them about the whole missing image debacle. Didn't mean to make anyone cry... need to be more nicer

    maybe the fancy new site design is the solution to the missing image problem. sure is nice

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