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    Hi everyone,

    please any one help on Sessions topic which we find in google analytics which we use to measure traffic. please brief me on this guys.

    --->As per my knowledge if we open any website & we stay idle for 30 minutes then my new 2nd session starts. This is the what i know. So from this i have a lot of doubts i opened a website and spent for 10minutes & closed that website & again i opened the same website from same browser, so now 1st session only continous or 2nd session will start now?

    2.assume the same above case i opened a website & i closed in 10 minutes. so again i opened the saame website from other 2nd session starts or first session only continues

    3.In the above two cases i opened directly by typing website name in google. And now i opened the same website by organic search(by typing some keyword in google) & opened the same website again this time my 1st session continues or 2nd session starts i opened a website & closed in 10 minutes(this time opened directly by typing website name) & closed in 10minutes
    and 2nd time i opened from classifieds website through referral site. now my 1st session continues or 2nd session starts

    Hi Friends please any one who completely knows about this Sessions please brief me guys. please brief me

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    Funny, at a coffee talk with local blogger and marketer I was asked the difference between sessions and users with GA this morning. After already explaining I ran across this post and had the inquirer read it. Not sure what the limitation is within GA (Google Analytics) for a session timeout if the browser is left open. Or if you leave a session open then navigate back in another tab. My guess is that #1 would record 2 sessions. #2 would be two different sessions as the session is based on browser sessions and not IP (that's my guess). If you close the browser or if the session times out then the next action would be a new session.

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