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    GST/HST Question -> Pretty confused
    Hey Guys Looking for some advice of the whole GST/HST Saga with online marketers in Canada

    So my situation is i am well above the 30k plateau but 99% of my income is from outside of Canada

    1> I had one small SEO client for a few hundred bucks I will pay GST on
    2> I have lots of CPA income from companies but do not promote Canada offers <0.5% of cpa earnings are from canada

    3> Fiverr earnings? Are these subject to GST/HST?

    4> 1 CPA network i dealt with was based in Canada, as I liable for GST/HST on all these earnings?

    Would love some assistance. Do not want any issues with the CRA. Set aside lots of money to pay for taxes.

    Does anyone has any great tax reduction tips for Canada?

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    you need to pose your questions to an accountant in your province, the CRA are now taking a much closer look at affiliate internet income and the source - a tax accountant is the one to answer your questions.

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