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    Direct Link To Order From?
    Hello everyone, I'm CJ. I'm currently marketing a product on Click bank, but instead of sending my traffic to the sales pitch page through their custom link. I want to directly link to the product order page on click bank. I've tried something and it seems to work, but I would just like some further input if it you think it will work correctly this way.

    I go to the Click Bank Order form page that has my affiliate id in it. Then I use that URL that's in my browser to anchor text a word inside my site. So if anyone clicks on it, it will send them straight to the order form page.

    My concern is that URL going to work for any one who uses it or is it like a 1 time thing that's specific to only my computer. Will the URL be able to recognize new orders from different devices? I've tested it and it always works for me and always has my affiliate id at the bottom of the page. Any help will be appreciated, thanks.

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    I don't work with ClickBank, but I've done similar things with other networks. The three things that are always good to do if you're changing links:

    1) Ask them. Usually, they'll be glad to help and would (hopefully) know if things would work, what problems you might encounter, etc.

    2) Look at what other affiliates do. Sometimes that's easiest when you can't figure something out (like deep links), but keep in mind that it still may or may not work.

    3) Test. Test. Test. Monitor your conversion rates. Do test transactions.

    And even if something works today, keep monitoring. It might not work if things change on the network or merchant site. They usually (but not always) check fairly standard affiliate links to make sure changes don't break things, but they probably won't notice impacts to more unique stuff.

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