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    Those awkward pitches
    Any tips on how to best pitch a product or service to family members and close friends? It can be awkward and even be resented.

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    If it is awkward and can be resented - maybe you shouldn't do it.

    ...just sayin...
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    Did you talk to them first to see if they were interested in receiving deals or just spam them? Its like seeing Amway, you can tell your friends and family you are enjoying the products and when they ask you tell them about it. Or you can impose on them and try to sell them which brings resentment.

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    Brian, while this is an affiliate forum, most here aren't into MLM or network marketing. You'll probably get a lot more helpful answers on a forum that geared to those interests. Google "network marketing forum" + I'm sure there's lots of network marketing Facebook groups that you could join. Also try Pinterest and Twitter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian from Omaha View Post
    Any tips on how to best pitch a product or service to family members and close friends? It can be awkward and even be resented.
    Why bother? Just rob them.

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    Thank you all for your input. Helpful stuff (and funny as well)


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    My biggest issue with MLM is the concept that somehow your family and friends owe you a living. They don't. The mentality becomes one where everyone you meet is a potential addition to your "downline" instead of a human being. It's total bullshit.
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    For the same exact reason I don't push my sites to my friends & family either. I tell them you may come across my site and even make me some money if my site ranks high enough in your searches. But I don't tell them what my sites are. I don't want them to feel pressured to remember and buy through my site so I can make money.

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    If a merchant ventures into the MLM arena and permits, say, two-tiered affiliate programs, then they are bound by all of the laws that apply to MLMs. Most merchants don't realize that, but it could lead to some serious trouble if they violate any of those laws.
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    I live in South East Asia, and the MLM concept is especially pernicious here. In Thailand, for instance, Amway is quite big. If an older family member, or a senior colleague, invites you to buy some over-priced crap you don't need from their catalog, it's very difficult to say no. It's actually quite evil. There are Amway millionaires in Thailand.

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