I tried posting this at Amazon's developer forum, but I'm not getting any traction there. I'm hoping someone here can provide some insight.

I found a working example of Amazon's signed requests that works with an included console application, but it fails as soon as I build it into a class library, with the idea that I would use it in multiple projects in the future.

When I attempt to make a request, the generated code is trying to make a request for an array of imageset into a single imageset, and then a single imageset into an array of imageset during the request.

The responses I've found via google searches (at both StackOverflow and Amazon's official forum) are not helpful. None of the solutions presented are a part of the working example.

The difference between the working example and my code is that my code has a bunch of extra .datasource files in the ServiceReferences\Amazon.PAAPI folder.

The original only has an ItemSearchResponse1.datasource file, while my example has both ItemSearchResponse.datasource and ItemSearchResponse1.datasource.

Why would my code add the extra files for each object? Did the author of the example remove extraneous files?