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    Here is a new affiliate program. Any comment?

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    Floppybank?!? Bwaa haa haa, what a name!

    Okay, now I'll look at it.

    (Quickie one line answer is near the very bottom. The reasons for that answer are here...)

    Hmm, it's not a bank! I thought it would be an affiliate program to promote a bank...

    It says I have to have a "high traffic" website. I'll get back to that later. When evaluating an opportunity, I always go straight for the terms and conditions.

    Let's enlarge that (hitting Bigger text size). Ah, it changed! Whew! NOW...

    They seem to be awfully concerned with copyright, presentation, and press releases. But I don't give a hoot about that! Still looking for the important part: PAYMENT.

    Hm, it doesn't say on the Terms which are linked to from the bottom of the main page. I'll look for some other document...

    Clicked Affiliates link.

    "Once you are accepted to the Network, floppybank will arrange advertisement campaigns that match your site criteria."

    If they are serious about doing the arranging, they're out right there. I want full control over who I sign up with--and don't want some closed-minded putz shutting off opportunities because he doesn't think they "match my site criteria". For the record, my site criteria are: Can I sell the Sh*t, and will the merchant pay, or not (reverse order. Pay first.)? But I bet THEY don't think those are the criteria...

    Hmmm, it still doesn't mention actually PAYING! I'll click as if I'm going to join. Sometimes the terms (the ones that talk about PAYMENT) are hidden on the join page.

    Ah! Bingo!! (I also see that they call 5,000 impressions/month "high traffic".)

    HEY, this is just that same TOS page that didn't talk about payment! I'll really fine-tooth it this time, and use the page search in IE to look for the word "payment". If it's in there, that'll show it up...

    The search thingy didn't find the word "Pay" or "Payment" in the document anywhere. That saves me some reading!!!

    Now I see that if you want into Floppybank AdServ, you need to serve 1 million impressions/month. Wait a minute, if you click as if to join THAT, it instantly goes down to 500,000 imps. And you only have to commit 100,000 imps to them.

    It sounds like a CPM network mentality. Nobody in CPA with any sense whatsoever, cares about how many IMPS you serve! It's all in the CR, babee!! Can you sell the stuff or not??

    Oh, they're not really accepting apps for the high-volume program anyway.

    Out of desperation I clicked as if I wanted to ADVERTISE!! With few words and a couple of clicks, I got to the application screen. There's a way to deposit $$$ right smack at the top. But--the PRICES are nowhere to be found!!! So as an advertiser, I'm supposed to deposit XXX.XX USD, on speculation that they won't say it costs $100.00 a click?!

    It says I MUST read the terms. Okay. Same terms. Pretty vague, and doesn't say what this is going to cost me as an advertiser or pay me as an affiliate. It also doesn't say who's responsible for payment--the network or the merchant? Just what does that initial deposit pay FOR, anyway?!? When is payment made? By who? How much delay?

    In fact, the terms are actually a licensing agreement for the use of their DATA!



    Definitely one for Packy [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img] [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img] [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]

    Maybe if the mention payment to affiliates, and just what that charge to merchants is going to pay for, my response would be different...

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    New York


    Besides what Leader wrote .... the logo! The "PP" in Floppy looks like "??" that didn't extend an image of "security" for me from start.


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    "For the record, my site criteria are: Can I sell the Sh*t, and will the merchant pay"

    Leader - you slay me! ROFL [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]

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    Nice toast!

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    I got their invitation letter. Mind if I email them this thread? bahahahahahah.

    Roasty toasty tasty.

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    Fun----NEEEE!!! LOL!!

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    Mind if I email them this thread

    Go For it!


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    For the record, my site criteria are: Can I sell the Sh*t, and will the merchant pay

    Sounds like a good sig line to me. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

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