We're an affiliate that is considering using Voluum.com to track which Google keywords (PPC) drive conversions to our merchant partners.

It seems that a lot of people are loving Voluum (see this thread) but I don't see any references to people using Voluum with the big affiliate networks (Commission Junction, Linkshare, Impact Radius, etc.). Does anybody have any experience using Voluum with these networks?

If so, does anyone know what tracking parameters and conversion tracking they support? Do they support server to server postback (s2s) or just tracking pixels? I think I read somewhere that CJ supports server to server postbacks in their API. Is that true?

Ultimately, I'd love to know what information (if any) I should request from CJ, Linkshare, and Impact Radius to make it easy for our developers to get us set up with Voluum. Does anyone know?