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    I have seen some posts saying that with the new Explorer 6.0 you can not use a frames page to pass along an a click through to an affiliate site. For example if you have a coupon site, and someone clicks on the affiliated store, your site has a frame with the coupon codes and then the target site on the second frame.
    According to some posts I've seen, it some how drops the cookie and you do no get credit for the sale. Anyone have any more information on this?


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    It's to do with the security settings on each individual browser. Some people have been led to believe that cookies are bad... (mmkay?), and have a phobia against using 300k of their hard drive space.

    When an external (ie, off the originating site.. coupon code from coupon site at top frame, and merchant page in bottom frame) page is loaded, the cookie from a merchant page will not be accepted with the default settings in I.E.6, because it is classed as a third party cookie.

    LinkShare sent out an email a while back.
    Here is that email:

    Dear LinkShare Affiliate:

    With the release of Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.0, we wanted
    to make sure you are aware of some critical facts:

    1. LinkShare does not use cookies to track direct sales, so we are
    compliant with IE 6 in terms of our tracking.

    2. As an affiliate, if you use frames on your web site to display a
    merchant's site, you should make sure that your merchants are IE 6
    compliant. When you use frames on your web site, the merchant's return
    day cookies become third party cookies and are blocked, unless the
    merchant is IE 6 compliant. This is true regardless of the affiliate
    program provider.

    LinkShare is urging all our merchants to become IE 6 compliant. We hope
    this clarifies some of the questions many of you have had about IE 6.


    The LinkShare Team

    CJ does use cookies for transactions (unlike LS)

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