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    I figured out I would give another affiliate network a try on top of CJ, and Linkshare came into my mind. Then I read this from one of the sites in the cyber world:

    Note: When creating links by Linksynergy on LinkShare, don't use Microsoft Frontpage! It changes "&" into "&" which would normally be ok, but in this case means that although the links seem to work, you don't get paid!

    Can anyone verify whether or not this is true?

    As well, does Linkshare lump the commissions like CJ, or do the affiliates get paid by individual merchants?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi AT,

    FWIW, I always change all my & back to & using a text editor (EditPlus) before uploading, just to be safe. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

    And LinkShare pays individually, unlike CJ.


    [Wow, this UBB actually does the reverse of FrontPage!]

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    AT, Ive been with Linkshare for a long time and never had any problem with the coding there. The way I do it in Frontpage for all my link coding is to copy it and paste it. I click on in Frontpage 2000


    I've used express also with no problems. If you do that and then upload your page, check the source and you should see that nothing was changed. Frontpage may add coding something like

    < !--webbot bot="HTMLMarkup" startspan -->

    Which will keep the code from being changed.

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    I too like LinkShare. It took a while, but after being a member for a year, I've finally found the right combinations that are producing results and checks.

    I used to use the HTML Markup feature, but I didn't like the fact that I got question marks instead of actual results when I was in Normal view.

    What I do is:

    1. Copy the code into my clipboard.
    2. Place my cursor where I want the
    code in Normal tab view.
    3. Click the HTML tab.
    4. Paste (Ctrl-V) the code where the
    cursor is.
    5. Return to Normal view and see the
    results of my efforts.

    I also discovered when I placed banners which I wanted to be centered on the page, that when I looked at them in Netscape they were always left-justified. I finally figured out that if I first insert and center a 1x1 table, and then place the code inside the table, that it centers when viewing in Netscape.

    I also discovered a neat trick for placing affiliate links on my site, which I posted at Amazon's discussion board before I found Abestweb. It's at:

    Keeping Track of Links on Your Site


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    Great tip, Tracy! Thanks for sharing!

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    I always thought the problem lie in the amp; that fp inserted after the ?...

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    TianTian, Packy and Tracy - Thank you for the tips!

    After the "try & error" over the past year, I just want to be safe. Although I have been doing the affiliate thing for a little less than a year, it feels like a life-time long. From not knowing what I was doing to producing checks. Still, I don't know exactly what works and what doesn't. All I have been doing is to put out what I like to see on my site and keep the database clean.

    I'm glad that I've asked the question. It's about time to play with those FrontPage options that have been ignored all this time.

    Again, thank you all!!

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    Hey, MsMarySunshine, that's what my original post was supposed to show. But I failed to have it shown as "amp+&+;" even I went to edit. :rolleyes:

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    fyi .. The global change is a lot easier to do in FrontPage 2002

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