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    Question Increase in mobile visitors hurting sales?
    I wanted to find out if it is just me or are other webmasters experiencing this as well.

    My website has been running since 2008. It started to take off in 2010 and peaked in 2012-2013. Since then I have seen a decline in sales. I have the visitors but conversions are lower. My website income is 1/3 of what it used to be.

    This trend goes for not just my affiliate sales but also my own product sales as well. I believe it is related to the rise in mobile visitors; people aren't using desktops as much as they used to. 2015 has been my worst year. Despite making my site mobile friendly this year, it seems to be doing even worse; ads aren't displayed as well in mobile (most are at the bottom of the page below page content, rather than beside content in a sidebar on the desktop site). Also, people seem to be less likely to make a purchase on their phone vs their desktop.

    Here is how drastically desktop users have decreased and mobile users have increased from 2012 to 2015:

    Has anyone with a website, that is at least a few years old, notice this turn to mobile as well? Are you also noticing a drop in sales?

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    Ditto here. Wondering if mobile sales track as desktop do. Are there pixel issues?
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    That can vary greatly by network. Some test mobile tracking before the program goes live (we do!), others do not. Michelle, is that a CPL or CPS oriented website?

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    Have you optimized your website for mobile? If not, then optimize your website for Mobile users, make it responsive and mobile-friendly. As Google has recently updated the Google Mobile Friendly update "MOBILEGEDDON". The Reason behind this is increasing the uses of smartphones. Use "Google Mobile Friendly Tool" in webmaster to check whether your website is mobile friendly or not?

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    Do you make most of your sales from banners on the sidebar ? Maybe focus more on text links in the content itself ?
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    I'd say that 35-40% of my overall traffic is from mobile devices, but sales are a lower percentage. I think, but I have no survey, study, stats, or graphs to back this up, that people out and about look for stuff on their phones and other devices, but are a bit hesitant to buy that way. Some long in at home on their laptop or desktop, but some find the product while out and about and then buy it from a local B & M store. I know I'll search to see where I can find something when I'm out on the way to one store or another, depending on the result.

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    So mobile does not convert as well as desktop, no doubt about it... The other problem... Google is grabbing the good traffic for their own properties. So if you are promoting consumer products, then you are going to be pushed below the fold by Google's own properties. Window shoppers are going to be more likely to scroll down the page. Buyers will move to the Google shopping widget. Conversion rates in the natural SERPS will continue to decline as high value traffic is funneled to websites ending in "". Google is now integrating reviews, product specs, etc into their shopping widget in the SERPS. There will be less and less need for someone to move beyond Google to other websites.

    Google is actually killing standalone e-commerce on the Internet. I'm amazed they have been able to operate for so long in the US without a successful anti-trust lawsuit. We are reaching the point where they are "going for broke" in order to eliminate all competition prior to getting broken up. They know it will happen at some point, so they might as well inflict as much damage as possible prior to being ordered to break up their business units.

    Oh one last problem... The economy is kindof sucking right now...
    Merchants, any data you provide to Google Shopping should also be in your affiliate network datafeed. More data means more sales!

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