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    They are back and running this time over at Linkshare.

    Just a bit of history here folks and newbies. They bailed at CJ and didn't pay their bill. So far all you newbies out there, don't ever count on money from these guys. Their money might be good for a month or two but beware.

    Also Giant Rewards is over at CJ, which came from Linkshare, and left alot of unpaid affiliates as well. :mad:

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    How is it always the "incent" type programs that end up breeding parasite/scumware/spamm farming e-businesses. Freddie Freeloader's ( fill in your favorite incent URL) newest reincarnation under another network sure isn't news when it comes to shafting consumers and affiliates. These operations are run by the MLMers and direct marketing types that love manipulating the internet masses knowing a sucker is born every minute.

    Nothing for them to pay 15.00 for a new domain, 5 page website and some sleezzy lawyer to setup a dummy paperwork corporation and start harvesting privacy info and leave affiliates crying for their monies. I refuse to get into this category regardless of the potential profits since the principles have no principles. Anything having to do with FREE or incent lays the groundwork for spamming and trojan adware as phase II.

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