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    Google Rolling Out Another Feature Designed to Kill Us
    So, guaranteed, come Christmas, this will be running for most products. I'm surprised merchants would give up their reviews in order to gain rankings in the widget. I really miss the days when a search engine directed people to websites....


    This image isn't very visible. You might be able to see their new shopping widget with reviews, attributes, similar items, color variations, etc at this address:

    The basic problem is that Google is making it harder and harder for value add affiliates to make a living as they encroach on all the things we do, e.g. attribute enhancement, user reviews, price comparison, e.g. anything that comes at the end of the buying cycle. Google is happy, for now, to let us still do work at the front end of the buying cycle, but never at the end where the sale is made...
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    Looks like they are going after the price comparison engines.

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    This looks to be a revision of the current Google Shopping campaigns; shifting from the carousel up top to a setup similar to knowledge graph. The reviews are already passed to Google by many merchants and can be found when using the Shopping tab and diving into a specific product.
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    Interesting coincidence. I just (3 weeks ago) bought one of those Olympus e-M10 camera bodies. I noticed that same display a month ago when I was in the research/shopping mode.

    BTW - I searched the Goog for reveiews but I bought it from Amazon because they have very competitive pricing on that type of equipment, have free two-day shipping (we are Prime subscribers) and I usually get a commission (that is a bit better than through the online camera shops). It is an excellent camera for the work I do.
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    Review sites are dead now .

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