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    Thumbs down Once Again MORE Great News from Target
    Lowered commissions, months and months from sales until commissions are due to be paid, datafeed screw-ups, you name it and Target does it to us. First, for the record, I'm in the process of cutting the cord and am removing all of my target links, but it will take awhile.

    So, just received this little gem of an email (I haven't sold much of their stuff for two networks now, back at Performance, it was a far different story) but for some these payments could be important:

    Information Regarding Your Pending Payment from Target

    This is a notification that one of your advertising partners, Target, is a little late in processing your payment as agreed to in your insertion order. Target has been notified and their payment may be in transit. If you have questions please contact them directly:

    Name : Acceleration Partners
    Email :

    Rest assured all actions will be tracked correctly and you will continue to earn payouts according to your insertion order until payment is received.
    What they do owe me goes back as far as sales made in March.

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    Yep you're 100% right, more of chasing our money.
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    I don't understand how it is okay to make affiliates wait over 4 months to get paid for their sales. Are they so big that treating their affiliates right isn't important to them? I'm incredibly disappointed, especially knowing that they have a very active affiliate management team in place. Someone on the team needs to tell them that this is not acceptable and get them on a reasonable payment schedule.
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    My guess is that Target is having some cash flow problems. They have closed their Canada operation at a huge loss. They are selling their pharmacy stores which raises cash. To me it all adds up to cash flow and downsizing........Are any new stores under construction???
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