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    The Most Important Question Affiliate Marketers Should Ask Themselves
    Did you know there's a simple 5-word question that can dramatically improve your visitor-engagement and increase your click-through rate and lead to more affiliate commissions.

    Before writing a word of sales (or, in the case of affiliate marketing, pre-sales) copy, ask yourself a simple 5-word question.

    Take your time. Think about it.

    Write down any answers that come into your head, however far-fetched they may seem.

    If you are stuck ask your partner/colleagues/friends or anyone else who is available for their input. Brainstorm.

    When you have a list of possible answers to this magic question, put yourself in the shoes of your future webpage visitor and think about which answer is most likely to resonate with him/her.

    Then write your pre-sales pitch around that answer.

    So, what is this magic question?

    As always, it's simpler than you think.

    The simple five-word question every affiliate marketer should be asking themselves

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    Very nicely done, Colin. You have penned another great article for beginners and seasoned marketers alike.

    I try to employ that technique for much of what we display online.
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    Love it , Colin - Words to live by in the marketing biz.

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