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    July 16th, 2015
    Udemy Affiliate Conundrum
    I've got a Spanish Udemy meditation course I would like to promote via affiliates. I've got a couple of problems I'd love to hear your thoughts about:

    1. Udemy has an affiliate program, but being the smart (read: *******) company they are, a "25% in most cases" portion of the course's price will eventually reach the instructor (read: anything from the entire price to a small commission). **** that - Where can I find a good affiliate network that promotes Spanish products? Preferably infoporducts, obviously. Reference -
    2. Clickbank has a problem of integration with Udemy. As far as I understand from looking around(Here Most Notably - the only way to get the CB platform to work with Udemy is by using a free coupon to my course as the link for the after-purchase. I feel fishy about this, as anyone who understands how URLs work (read: 50% of the online world) could just copy the coupon name from the URL. Is there any way to go around it?

    Right now I'm not interested in creating a course and host it on my own hosting.

    It's a bit long, I know - but any help will be appreciated.

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    July 14th, 2015
    I'd also like to know about connecting an affiliate program with UDEMY.

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