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    Greetings affiliates of the Web! I've been chatting with several active affiliates under another thread called

    I'll be hanging around this forum quite regularly. So if you have questions that relate to your participation with Be Free affiliate programs, don't hesitate to ask. And I know you will be sure to share thoughts and feedback on both Be Free and industry topics!

    Glad to be here.

    Be Free, Inc.

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    You'll always get mostly ignored at BeFree by normal affiliates, since most can never achieve the minimums to even begin the payment processes. Some how your network has gotten mixed in with DoubleClick and 24/7 as a PURE PLAY advertising vehicle ..not pay per performance network. With no notice ever given as to cookie day durations your merchants will keep on disallowing repeat sales and often going months without recording any sales regardless of traffic. PcConnections did this for 6 months and finally dropped out of the program since they achieved there traffic goals (bookmarks) and filled up their e-mail flyer lists for real sales efforts. Your MicroWarehouse account will be doing the same thing..dropping out.. once the affiliate sales commission backlog gets to a point where they will have to pay something other than network fees. Ashford will follow Service Merchandise, FingerHut, Martha Stewart, and other general gifting merchants into affiliate limbo due to poor conversions

    IBM records clicks at 5 cents each but in 2 years never a sale!! Everytime I send multiple complaints to your merchants over tracking issues some sales start showing up ..then dry up till more complaints are lodged. It's all about TRUST and conversion. Earn the trust and display the conversion ratios and more will be willing to take on the quarterly payments and high minimums to get a check. Learn to cater to the likes of TigerDirect who are willing to make their program earn immediate sustainable results for BF affiliates. Most of your other affiliate merchant managers work under their companies advertising divisions and therefore have no incentive to sell via affiliate links. On any given day 70% of all your merchants product links lead to dead items which they only update every 6 months. Set in place a script that checks for dead links like CJ does to alert merchants they have to update the creatives.

    Don't let your merchants like Dell e-mail a promise to affiliates they'd get paid, regardless of minimums, for all December sales, and then not even bother to process the commission voucher in the middle of Feburary! Bet they won't pay Dec sales til March!!

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    Mike's right - with the exception of Tiger Overture and a couple of other - beFREE

    The general impression of affiliates worldwide is join befree and beScrewed - hence your worldwide nickname.

    When you run out of venture capital money - you and everybody there will be looking for a new - I recommend McDonald's.

    And I don't want to here about everythings peach keen there - we got the COMPLETE picture on how you guys operate when we threatened to sue BeFree and they told us the whole story, item by item about how afiliates get screwed, and settled with us.

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    When we threatened to sue FREE SHOP and they...and settled.

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    Geez, Prof, they aren't all that bad.

    BeFree is a public company so they won't run out of venture capital, and as a stockholder I know they're flush with lots of cash which gives them long term staying power.

    You've got a right to express your opinion, and I will agree that they have their share of losers (as do all the networks) but for better or for worse I've made a ton of money from their merchants over the past couple of years.

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    Jenn, thanks for your response about tracking and reporting on the thread.

    I really do think most of your Merchants are honest and can be trusted. I'm glad to hear BeFree does some real testing and auditing. Checks and balances are a proper facet of doing business. I especially applaud those merchants who take the intiative to let us know when they have found a problem through their own internal checks and balances, and what they are doing to correct it and compensate for it. I'm sure you know who some of those are and they deserve a great big pat on the back and believe me, I work my butt off for those merchants and it pays off for both of us.

    Still, I sometimes get nervous with the behavior of the numbers, as I'm sure most affilates do from time to time. I'd love to see BeFree report on the date and results of official audits for all their merchants. That could sure set BeFree out from the rest of the crowd.

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