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    Aliexpress - Nothing to withdraw this month
    This month the commission for June should have been available for withdrawal before or on the 20th.
    There is nothing posted in my account to withdraw.

    Would like to hear if this is happening to everyone else.

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    Finally got my $21
    It was a fluke in their system.

    Horrible conversions btw and people buy really cheap stuff there so all you get is some $0.05-$0.10 commissions per order.

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    Just FYI, recently Aliexpress has switched to session based tracking system i.e. no cookies anymore. Meaning, your commissions could be lower due to this...

    See more at their FAQ:

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    Hey Guys

    I been following a thread on the warriors forum which was started by the author of an aliexpress plug-in. After the changes from a 30 day cookie to a session based system for affiliates, they are really spitting tacks due to the loss of sales since this change.

    One affiliates comment
    I delivered 122 clicks (Highly Targeted) today to Aliexpress and i earned 0.22$ from this traffic today. I would earned more even with Adsense or lousy Adfly which is paying half a rice for billion impressions.
    You can check the thread out here: Earn money with Alixexpress

    A point here - the plugin works and has delivered on everything the author said it would so any comments are about how Aliexpress switched in mid stream the affiliate program from a 30 day cookie to a session based system which has a really drastic affect on affiliates sales with the same affiliate ending his comment like this'

    This Aliexpress Affiliate program has gone from bad to totally useless. xxxxx(words removed because they could be taken as offensive) are running this bucket shop and they are making billions now - who needs affiliate now days anyway. Sad story ended tragic for hard working people.
    These are his comments not mine.

    Footnote: A session based system means if the buyer comes from an affiliate site and does not buy in that instance and goes away and comes back later using a new browser window the affiliate loses the sale(s). The net effect of this is exactly what the above affiliate states. Affiliates lose sales big time and Aliexpress gets free targeted traffic at no cost to them. (at least in the short term till the affiliate decides whether to continue in their program.

    Here is a blog about this issue called - Aliexpress Affiliates Mutiny
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