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    Attribution question
    If a user clicks an affiliate link from my site (Amazon or eBay for example) and 10 minutes later searches in Google, then clicks the same Amazon or eBay link in organic results and buys the product, do I get last touch credit as the last paid media source -- or is last touch base on any source including organic search /direct?

    Are any merchants getting more sophisticated with attribution and spreading credit across multiple sources?

    Bigger picture here: I'm curious how affiliates who help out in the mid funnel process for large ticket items ($1000+) make any money. Or is it a waste to play in that space?
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    To my understanding attribution is not paying across channels but wouldn't be surprised at what Amazon was doing. Yes attribution should pay affiliates mid funnel as its meant to me just pay last click. Depends on how the system is setup by the merchant.

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    Trend has been for merchants to credit marketing channels outside of AM. Right or wrong, depding on the side of the fence you are on, that's the way it is.

    As for big ticket items, always more competition as consumers shop heavily for the best price and a lot of players selling big ticket items...
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