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    Online sales tax: Lots of talk, little action
    Looks like another year before we would see Congress collecting sales tax for online purchases:
    Two bills that would require larger web-only retailers to collect online sales have been introduced on Capitol Hill, but neither is making much headway. It appears unlikely retailers that sell exclusively online would be required to collect sales tax outside of their home state before the 2017 holiday season.
    Full article here:

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    Political cowardice leading up to elections... it's always pushing it back.. "oh no, it's a Presidential election year... oh no, it's a mid term... "

    Love the total lack of leadership in the "leaders" we elect.
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    There are still plenty of issues which need to be resolved. I still am not comfortable with the threshold for merchants, which in one bill eventually lowers to $1MM/year in online sales. That's nothing for most merchants, but the burdens of tax management would be ominous for a company of that size. Revenue distribution is another huge issue - how to make it fair to everyone. Hard to find a path when there are 20,000+ taxing authorities involved. I listened to a congressional hearing on it about 18 months ago, and there are so many things which need to be decided before a bill can pass.

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    Court decisions and laws & regs on campaign funding and the explosion of media outlets all mean today that the sole business of government is to either be re-elected or elected to higher office. Elected officials, ESPECIALLY those in the House with its two-year terms, spend NO time governing; that would cut in to their campaigning time. Thus bills like this and so many others are virtually ignored - Congressmembers are too busy to get to it and bills on other vital issues. I won't make this a political statement apart from how this all effects affiliate marketing but a big share of that campaigning is spinning wheels on bills and investigations of the same things over and over and over purely to play to their supporters while real business is ignored.

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