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    Software for Multibrand Affiliate Program
    Hi all,

    We are an ecommerce company with several sites (each one has its own domain and brand). We are working on develop our affiliate program and we are looking for a software with multibrand feature.

    We would like our affiliates can work with all our sites but they only should use one login.

    I have checked some products but I cannot find one that has multibrand feature. For example, PostaffiliatePro offers multicampaing system but it isn't a "native multibrand feature".

    Do you know a software with this feature?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Haven't seen anything like that. Perhaps contact HasOffers and check with them.

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    ShareASale Stores Connect is worth checking out if you're open to networks.
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    Hi there,

    CAKE provides a white-label solution to manage your affiliate program and allows for multiple brands to be set up in your license. Your affiliates will have one portal to access all your brands' offers. I sent you a friend request. Happy to chat if you would like more information.

    - Rob G.

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    Are the programs related, or is it just the same parent company? Are you planning to only offer an in-house program or join a network as well? Just cause you offer an affiliate program doesn't mean affiliates will join it; there are many factors involved in attracting them to a program, whether in-house or with a network.

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