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    Include your email in your application
    When you apply for an affiliate program with a Shareasale merchant and write a comment about working together make sure you include your name and email address. Then you will get a personal response! Otherwise we have to go through hoops to contact you back by logging in to the program, digging up your profile and sending through a contact form. Just a lot of extra work whereas providing the information up front gets you a direct and quick response. Will also speed up getting approved. Just an FYI!

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    I wonder if the form could be revised to include fill-in boxes for all that so applying affiliates will automatically provide it all?

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    There's no "Amen! Preach it!" button... so the "Thanks" one will have to do.

    SAS does provide some options for merchants to require email, phone, address on application but most merchants don't use it. I'm adding this to our programs for new affiliates because I'm used to this in other networks we work in. Bottom line is, we're doing business and we would like a little more ease of communication and transparency.
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