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    What the heck is this about??? (plugin supposedly prolongs Amazon cookie duration)

    Looks like a "tool" to artificially prolong the Amazon cookie duration from 24 hours to 30 days.

    Can they get away with this? Surely Amazon would put the smackdown on anyone using this, right?

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    From what I've read so far, Amazon offers two different cookie windows - 24 hour and 30 day. If you're affiliate link drives a user to a product page, then there is a 24 hour cookie in place if they ultimately convert. If the user adds the product to their cart, then it becomes a 30 day cookie, even if they bail out and come back some time within the 30 days to complete the purchase. I've seen some Wordpress Amazon plugins that will send the user to a confirmation page on Amazon asking them if they want to add the product to their cart, in lieu of the standard product page - which is perhaps what this plugin was doing, and if so, I don't believe this is against any of Amazon's policies, especially considering they have to confirm adding the item to their cart. But I think an argument could be made either way - a user may want information about the product first, not to be taken to a page asking them to add it to their cart right away, in which case they may just bounce and look for some other sites. On the other hand, a 24 hour window isn't really much time, considering many people may take a few days before deciding on a purchase.

    By the way, I don't see any mention on the sales page in the link you provided about them doing anything to extend the cookie to 30 days. Perhaps they changed it since your original post?

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