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    Since they have updated and changed their main pages and a bit of their programs, 2 of my sites and a few merchants I had been with suddenly vanished from my records there.
    No big deal really(sarcastically) as I could just add my new sites, re apply to some merchants, find all my old ads, replace them with all the new ads. Or possibly fine clicks could answer my 3 e mails and try to get this straightened out. I am about to take down my fineclicks ads once I get back from some travel I have to do. I seem to recall getting an e mail they were going to implement some changes because some of the programs being offerred were of low quality and they wanted to improve things???
    Is this the norm for them, lets leave the affiliates on their own to figure out things on their own.

    Soon to be ex fineclicks affiliate

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    Well from everything I've read and seen with Fineclicks and Chet, the owner, they are strictly on the up and up with everything, I think they have had quite a few problems with the upgrade, but I wouldn't give up on them yet. Everything is working fine for me, I think [img]tongue.gif[/img] , Chet was an affiliate at one time, and I'll bet still is to some extent. Try posting in their forums, they probably have quite a few emails to look at if a lot of people are having trouble.

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