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    Programming instruction
    hows computer understand the php tag or html tag.....what happend inside the cpu...which part of computer work when we execute the program...

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    This is a very complex question. There are several layers that happen between the moment the html is read to the moment it arrives to the "processor".
    Natively the micro processor only understands "assembly language", i don't know very much about intel ASM (i only know motorola from my kids days).

    basically an asm instruction looks like :

    move.l #5,d0
    cmp.l d0,d1

    and you only have a very few of those instructions, it's just about putting values in registers (boxes). that the cpu interprets.

    So let's go back to our html

    HTML -> read by a specific software ( a browser), which converts texts in something visible for you.
    Browser is usually written in C/C++, ObjectiveC or some language of that type.
    C/C++ is coded in ASM ( unreadable to humans since it's very "circuit" oriented).
    the ASM instructions (values moving around) are then dispatched in the processor, that drives electric current all over the place, and then send instructions to the video card for exemple, to display a picture or a text.

    this is a very very basic explanation, but your question is about a lifetime of knowledge it's the story of how to build a computer !


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