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    HI, I was wondering if anyone else is using links4trade? I have been trying to hook up 4 link exchanges but don't get any replies? Is this a old outfit or are people just rude? I have had some outstanding requests 4 three weeks, is that normal.
    Yes I am a rookie lol.
    Thanks Barrie :confused: Good Time Hockey

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    IMO links4trade isn't worth squat. If you want to make link trades you need to find real partners on your own.

    For one thing the links are all going to links4trade which only increases their popularity and doesn't even help yours at all.

    Companies like this pray on new webmasters and make fortunes off of you, while you are no further ahead by using them.

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    Links4Trade is a link farm. I would suggest you steer well clear as Google is very specific in its dos and don'ts about this kind of thing.

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