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Thread: Back to School Deals from AirTurn!

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    Back to School Deals from AirTurn!
    Back to School Deals from AirTurn!

    Back to School with AirTurn!

    SAVE 10% OFF Starting AUG 18th!

    School is back in session and we want to make sure you are prepared to tackle all the new music ahead of you. Do you have your tablet and tablet holder? What about a portable tablet stand that fits in your backpack? Are you able to turn the pages of your digital sheet music without taking your hands off your instrument? Have you seen our bundle solutions for the mobile student musicians?

    Use code AIRB2S10 at checkout and receive 10% OFF the whole AirTurn store!
    This offer starts Tuesday, AUG 18th and goes until AUG 23rd. We look forward to helping you make this school year your best year yet!

    Please let me know if you need anything specific to make this campaign a success as well!

    AirTurn is Helping Drummers Keep the Beat this Summer!

    [FONT=arial]NEW and Improved AirTurn TAP is HERE!

    So what if you're a drummer and your hands and feet are busy? The AirTurn TAP provides a piezo interface that takes a tap from a finger or drum stick to trigger an event such as a page turn, sound effect, metronome, light show, set-list, backing track and bass player tempo controls!

    Using all the same features as the BT-106 series transceiver, the TAP brings easy-to-use page turning and events to drummers and other active percussion players. Comes with all mounting hardware to mount on any post up to 1.5 inches in diameter. Position can be set at any angle and height.

    We've also partnered with Roland's BT - 1 for a single or double switch control. You can contact us if you have more ideas for a piezo pad control to command your tablet or iPad. Find out more about Roland's BT-1 HERE


    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at any time.
    Have a great week!
    Thank you,
    Dave Tamkin

    Need New Content?

    The Gig 'N Go Package Video

    We're excited to bring you the new video for AirTurn's Gig 'N Go Bundle Deal!

    SAVE 20% on AirTurn's most popular collection of bestselling solutions for all musicians! We've combined the DUO, portable goSTAND with boom, and the MANOS mount with side arm. The DUO will work with any Bluetooth Tablet or iPad.

    Click it to Get it!

    Read More From Back to School Deals from AirTurn!...
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