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The mThink Blue Book Survey, the biggest in the performance industry, has returned for 2016. Aimed at breaking through the noise of competing networks, 20,000 advertisers, publishers and agencies vote for their partner of choice to form a list of the Top 20 CPA and CPS networks.

This year we aimed to challenge conventions in the performance marketing channel with the launch of our recent products. From rewarding publishers for multi-device sales, to making alternative payment models available for advertisers, we hope to change the game and make the channel a sustainable one.

We’re asking for just a couple minutes of your time to consider our commitment to becoming the best affiliate network we can be for our partners and casting your vote by clicking here and here.

Here’s a quick round up:

Opportunity Marketplace

The Opportunity Marketplace has been developed to give publishers a way of managing and promoting all their opportunities on the Affiliate Window platform in an easy-to-use directory. It allows advertisers to easily search for the right opportunities to optimize their program.


We introduced commission-by-assist for all advertisers and publishers, in order to make commission more flexible.

Advertisers are able to offer ‘top-up’ commission to publishers that influence and contribute to sales while retaining the fundamental cost-per-acquisition principle. They will also be able to identify individual publishers and cap payments for assists that lead to transactions.

Cross-device tracking

Our network’s traffic reached 50% from mobile devices in December, while research from Google found 67% of consumers make e-commerce journeys on more than one device. This figure is growing all the time as the trend towards a ‘multi-device’ life continues apace. To prevent publishers losing out on sales across more than one device, we introduced our cross-device tracking solution.


Our Strategy Team began hosting a series of webinars, designed to tackle some of the key industry challenges and how Affiliate Window is responding to changing industry demands.

The first webinar ‘The power of affiliate influence and payment on assist’ highlighted the influence that affiliates offer beyond last click, and how new commercial models are helping reward that contribution while the second webinar ‘Growth of Mobile Commerce & Devices Driving These Trends’ answered key questions including: Are customer journeys actually longer than have been perceived through the affiliate channel? What are the implications for click cookie periods?.

We greatly appreciate your support and always welcome your feedback and suggestions for how we can continue to improve.