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    analyzing the system
    I like to look at flow charts and analyze systems. I have been studying internet sales for some time (since 2007ish) but it has never "clicked" for me like other things.

    I am looking for some help on what a solid "sales funnels" "internet marketing" "affiliate markerting" system is.

    Are there better diagrams out there? This one doesn't explain where my blog fits into the picture?


    I know how to do a lot of these seperate pieces already, and have been doing them from some time. I can build a blog, I can set up a mailchimp(email sender), I can grow a facebook page to 1000+ people, but nothing has ever clicked.

    One things that I think is holding me back is knowing where to use automation. I spend too much time in the WRONG areas. I also have a full time job as a CNC programmer, so I need to find areas to improve efficiency in order to actually move forward instead of staying at step 1. If this is the gold you keep secret to yourself, I understand, if not then please fill us in on a system that proves as a solid foundation to help grow a "brand" "following" "market".
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    In relation to different systems....

    Is this true of false?
    The more unique the keyword/niche/topic/expertise you are targeting, the less content you need to attract traffic-->leads-->sales. The more saturate the niche is, the more expertise you have to prove with your brand, which leads to trust, which leads to sales.

    This is in relation to building different types of "systems" example: many small automated niche sites vs one large grand daddy that takes all your time.

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