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    Does anyone know if Real has an affiliate program anywhere? I see that they have some arcade games now that I would like to use. Thanks!

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    I think you want to real this first ...

    They are considered ParasiteWare(TM), albeit to a lesser extent than the others, they are still bad!


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    Good article...I've been trying to get management at the station to switch to another medium since our station streams in RA...I'll forward that along to our GM and see what happens...

    Tom Pyles

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    Well worth a read by a conerned netizen Steve Gibson:
    "Targeting, profiling, and tracking individuals across the
    Internet is UNETHICAL unless the individual has given
    these companies explicit permission to do so. Absent
    explicit permission, surveillance represents spying
    which should be prevented, banned, and outlawed.

    Moreover . . . following up on the point I made in my note above, it might very well be that a compelling legal case could be made to support the contention that the custom selection of web site advertising content based upon profiles gained through stealthful surveillance is tantamount to subliminal persuasion — and therefore unlawful.

    A Subtle Distinction

    Please don't misunderstand my intent here.

    I am NOT against Internet advertising — at all! I fully recognize that revenue from advertisers supports many wonderful and worthwhile Internet services and facilities. And maximizing relative advertisement performance by counting the "click throughs" from various ads at various web sites, makes all kinds of sense. I'm all for that.

    What I object to, is that WITHOUT ASKING OUR PERMISSION — and without our knowledge — the users of a specific personal computer's Internet browser are under continuous surveillance — even if 'cookies' are disabled or being blocked — as they move throughout the web. Internet browsers are being individually monitored and tracked as their users move around the Internet and dossiers profiling their activities are being compiled without their permission for the sole purpose of influencing them without their knowledge. That's what my objection is about.

    How do you feel about being watched while you surf and having profiles assembled about you without your knowledge or permission?

    see .. the author of Optout who fights spyware.

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