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    Although I am a member of, I don't use any of their links. But, I just got this in my email and at first it sounded great. If you value your visitors, STAY AWAY FROM IT!!

    Tim here from
    Do not let this bounty fool you.
    Give Away Free 100 Minute Phone Cards
    and earn $1.35 Per Give Away.
    This product went live in our system just 24 hours ago. Well over 100,000 minutes have been given away.
    This product is earning a 27 cents per click for the current affiliates running it. It is converting extremely well.

    Check out the splash page:

    This campaign is wide open, grab your ad copy now:

    Well, I like Phone Cards, when you can find 'em anymore, so I checked it out. And a payout over a dollar! Hell! You can't beat that with a stick! They ask for your home phone number with the assurance they won't call you or give it out. It's to be used as your pin. That's not an unusual request for legitimate phone cards. The ones my kids use at college are like that.

    Then I went and read their TOS. You know. That "fine print" that most people don't bother to read. According to the TOS, you agree to let these suckers bill your phone for $14.95!!!! Each and Every month!!!

    Once again, if you value your visitors, STAY AWAY FROM THIS POND SCUM!!!

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    Unbelieveable! Good looking out!


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    @ Mklangl
    well done, that will hopefuly save a lot of people some of their hard earned cash.

    Is something like this legal? The mind boggles at some of the scams this type of pond scum come up with. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif[/img]

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    Unfortunately, it's not illegal because they disclose it in their TOS and have a check box where you say you've read the TOS. How many of us have checked that box after only skimming the TOS or worse not reading it all. The ad copy gives absolutely NO hint that anything like this is happening and leads you to believe that all you are getting is 100 free minutes, your pin will be emailed to you and the free minutes expire after 30 days. By that time you've automatically renewed by a charge to your home phone and the next 100 minutes cost you a whopping .1495 cents per minute. I used to work for a calling card wholeseller and was the billing programmer. Some of our resellers had rates as low as .0025 cents per minute as long as they guaranteed a minimum number of minutes. And this was over 5 years ago! In my opinion, anyone who pays more than 4.5 cents per minute (total) for long distance is being taken. (Both Home service and/or calling card service!) And that means NO monthly fees - period. The only legitimate additional charges to long distance is a monthly federal tax on home long distance and a per/call surcharge when using a calling card on a pay phone. If you pay more than a 25 cent surcharge on payphones, you're being taken.

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