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    affiliate links and website in different browsers
    Hi guys

    my apologies if this is in the wrong section

    I am making a niche website but when i go to the amazon site in google chrome and try to get the text and image link, nothing shows up either with amazon or on my site despite putting in the link.

    They do however show up in internet explorer. however my site looks mad on internet explorer with ads popping up all over the show and some random words are showing up in blue and when hovered over show ads which are completely unrelated to my site.

    amazon have advised me to clear my browsing data in google chrome but that hasn't fixed the problem as they still dont show.

    I haven't yet dared to look at firefox for fear of what i might find

    any advice on how i can fix this?

    many thanks

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    Hi Alison,

    I use Wordpress, not sure what your using. I made a couple of those links today and had no problem. I use Chrome too. You said Amazon advised you. Was that by contacting them? If yes then why don't you ask in the forum there. After you log in you'll see a link that says "discussion board" on the left side. I usually go there if I'm ever stuck with anything. Good luck.


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    Moved to correct subforum.

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    and some random words are showing up in blue and when hovered over show ads which are completely unrelated to my site.
    If you have not signed up with one of those services that "monetizes your content", then it would appear that either you are using a website that is hosted for "free" and is not your exclusive property OR your site was hacked - in which case Chrome may not allow scripts to run. If the website is on a domain that you own and pay for hosting, I would definitely head to Google's Security section: and find out how to deal with it. If your site is on a domain that is part of another domain, you need to read the fine print. Many such sites use scripts and contextual ads on your content.

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    In addition to 2busy's suggestions I think it would also be a good idea to scan your computer for viruses

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    Why don't you go with Mozilla instead of Chrome? I think it's the best browser around plus when you use Google's very own browser then you are surely bound to get into trouble because they are stealing your data and chances are that you might end up getting penalized. Also, there is nothing to fear as Mozilla is the most used around browser.

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