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    I agree 100% with the decision, I have seen alot of 'empty' bidding myself actually so much so that I was going to complain to Ebay.


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    To me the interesting thing about the article is that according to the incentive sites, ebay was aware that they were going to send incentivized traffic, but now ebay is not going to pay the commissions.

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    Yo Haiko,

    Empty bidding? Please define. I bid on stuff
    that I know I'm probably not going to win because you just never know the outcome. And if lightening hits you get a DEAL OF THE CENTURY.

    Incentivized bidding? Duh, if you pay for bids someplace, sometime if it could be turned against you it will.

    I told them not to pay for 'bids.' In fact I told them to charge $5 for a lifetime membership to bid and sell and pay affiliates $4 of that $5.

    That alone would get rid of all the looky loos and bogus registrations and they would easily cover the cost of their affiliate program.

    Listen to anyone but computer geeks - never happen.

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