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    Hi all,

    I urgently need a list of good affiliate programs that regularly pay via PayPal

    IªBd^hq!¢(ùÒâñpromote any good lead/sale based program that is paing via paypal, I really need lots of money in my paypal account.


    P.S : I know one :

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    shareasale, fineclicks, fastclick, freefiliate,

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    566 does too.

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    January 18th, 2005
    If I am not mistaken, Clickbank does also. I can't find where I think I saw that on their site though because it is poorly organized. I think I remember being asked for my PayPal address during the sign-up process. I haven't used them yet but have read elsewhere on this board that they pay well and on time; it's just that their affiliate interface could use some improvement.

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    shareasale not doing it anymore.
    maybe only temporary.

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