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    Adsense earnings and stats
    Hey guys. I'm new to the forum. So if this is in the wrong section I apologize.

    My question: I have been running my blog for about 8 months now. I use Adsense as my way to earn an income. For the first few months I didn't place any ads on my site. Because of the obvious (waste of time in my opinion). Since I've placed Adsense ads on my blog. I've had 3 payouts totaling AROUND $600.00. What I am wondering. For a blog as new as mine, is that a decent income so far? I've noticed an ever-increasing day my day Adsense profit. Some days totaling over $10.00 but never under $2.00.

    I feel like given the time my blog has been live, that is a really good start to making money with Adsense.

    My website stats has been growing steadily every month too. Last month I cleared 1 million visitors. With almost 23k uniques. I'm not the greatest with numbers so therefor I don't know what is acceptable to calling "good numbers for the time your site has been online" which is why I am asking. Would you call these numbers at least "promising"?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Keep up the good work, over time earnings should keep steadily increasing.

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    The niche also has an influence on earnings. For example, real estate related terms will produce more revenue per click than will kitchen related terms.
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    have you tried promoting affiliate products instead of or in addition to the adsense? seems like you could be making more. not saying that $600 is not good. for adsense on a new site it seems very good to superCool. so you are doing something right. keep it up

    good luck

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    That's why I'm here on these forums. I want to learn more about affiliate marketing. Never really thought much of it. I'm doing a lot of reading. Leaning more about it everyday. I don't want to just throw up links and shove crap down my members throats. I want to do it right.

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